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How Is Digital Marketing Strategy An Integrated Approach To Online Marketing?

The simple fact is that online marketing isn’t as efficient as integrated online marketing. Integrated online marketing is defined as you diversifying your marketing strategies and approaching your advertising approach from multiple angles. This level of diversification gives you a better chance of overall growth. If one of the digital marketing strategies fails then another one can cover for it until you refine the old one to succeed. Online marketing allows and makes it possible for your business to reach targeted customers everywhere from your local area to the entire parts of the world. But with so many potential customers, why do we often see some online marketing strategies failing? To make sure you are using integrated online marketing, follow a thorough analysis of the approach with the steps mentioned below and if you would like to speak with a specialist about how our integrated marketing approach can help your business with growth then you can reach out to us, i.e. Think SEO Now. But first, let us know what integrated online marketing is.

What is Integrated Online Marketing?

Integrated Digital Marketing consists of the idea of creating a unique form of expression that is easy to identify in all of the platforms that your customer uses. It is more like using a single language to be vocal in different situations. That amplifies that it is a strategy that blends all your marketing strategies. After this, each campaign and approach complement each other thus creating a consistent image in the mind of the users and tracing a journey for them to move further.

1) Setting common goals and objectives.

An integrated online marketing strategy brings all of your marketing strategies together thus turning it into one cohesive experience. But this isn’t possible if you don’t have or set relevant goals. To make sure it works, decide on goals and then determine how each part of your marketing strategy is helpful in achieving it. If your goal is to increase the revenue of your business then ask how SEO, PPC, content marketing, reputation management or any of your other marketing strategies can signify their effect. If you just want more organic traffic to your website, then you can analyze how people get to your website through each marketing strategy. The reason that it becomes so important to ask yourself these questions is that if you do not hold a specific answer for a certain strategy, you probably won’t want to waste your time achieving your business objectives. This will save you money while the rest of your marketing tactics will work toward your objectives.

2.) Consistency in Brand awareness.

If you want to effectively reach new and potential customers then one of the best things you can do is to create consistent brand awareness across your social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, and other techniques. This simply means you use the same expressions and language to approach an audience from where they belong to. With a consistent effort, your potential customers can easily recognize you across any platform. The only exception to this rule comes when you are targeting different audiences. You see, different audiences require different approaches and a decision to target multiple audiences could result in multiple approaches to your marketing techniques. If you choose to go for more than one audience then it is better to pick one audience that acts as your primary demographics. Engage with them most of the time on social media and through your website to make sure you keep them interested.

3.) Coordination between teams.

What can possibly happen when you have two teams working towards two different goals? In general, we can achieve nothing. Furthermore, a lack of coordination between your teams is an immediate result of failure. The individuals who run your social media campaigns should speak to your SEO specialists and your content marketers should talk to your PPC managers to keep things more manageable. Naturally, all of them should pursue the goals that you had set for your business. The best way to promote coordination in your business is to promote communication. Also make sure that everyone in your marketing department understands your business goals, the steps you need to take to acquire them, and what part they have to play along the way.

Coordinated marketing means you are ready to take the last step towards successful integrated online marketing.

Final Thoughts:

By integrating your communication with your digital marketing company, you can tell a convincing story to your customers thus leaving absolutely no room for confusion. Think SEO Now further states that with this you also boost the chances of getting noticed and help crawlers go through the selling and buying journey from a visitor to an excited and loyal customer.


What is integrated online marketing?

Answer: Integrated online marketing is a strategy that combines multiple marketing approaches to create a cohesive and consistent brand experience across various platforms.

How can setting common goals benefit my marketing strategy?

Answer: Setting common goals helps align your marketing efforts and ensures that each strategy contributes towards achieving those objectives, making your overall marketing strategy more effective.

Why is consistency in brand awareness important across different platforms?

Answer: Consistency in brand awareness helps customers easily recognize and connect with your brand, regardless of the platform they are on. It creates a strong brand identity and improves brand recall.

What are the advantages of coordinating between different marketing teams?

Answer: Coordinating between marketing teams ensures alignment and collaboration, avoiding conflicts or duplication of efforts. It leads to a more efficient and effective marketing strategy that supports your business goals.

How can integrated online marketing help boost business growth?

Answer: Integrated online marketing diversifies your marketing strategies, increasing your chances of overall growth. If one strategy fails, others can compensate until improvements are made. It also helps reach targeted customers across different locations, expanding your business’s reach and potential customer base.

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